Data Center


Quality, reliability and performance are crucial to everyday business and people are increasingly dependent on data centers as they offer greater levels of security, flexibility and accessibility to data around the world.
BURNDY® offers connectors designed with the data center in mind and provides a total package of products and services for transmission lines, substation, switchgear, uninterruptible power supply (UPS), power distribution equipment (PDE) and raised floor grounding systems. Together, these safe, cost-effective and time efficient products and services offer solutions for intricate application requirements with reliable, quality connectors and installation tooling.
Specialty products include copper ground connectors for joining a range of parallel cables perpendicular to rod, pipe or column and raised floor grounding connectors or clamps that can be installed on round or square pedestals, accommodating one or two grounding wires to make an efficient grid. These raised floor grounding products serve the specific needs of a data center; signal reference grid, static ground and fault current.


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