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Boardwalk Walkways

Sustainable Foundations for Walkways

Sustainable Foundations for Walkways

Chance helical piles have been used in boardwalk trail applications for many years and in many types of terrain.

Both above ground and underground, Chance helical piles are designed to provide minimal disturbance to the surrounding environment.

Boardwalks and bridges built on Chance helical piles, provide numerous benefits to trail and walkway builders:

  • Keep visitors on the trail, protecting natural areas from damage.
  • Ensure a safe, accessible path for all visitors to enjoy.
  • Prevent problems associated with foot trails such as erosion and flooding.
  • Eliminate soil removal from the site.
  • Avoid the pollution and damage associated with concrete.
  • Designed in sections from 3-1/2 to 10 feet long, helical piles are easy to transport to the jobsite and install in limited access areas.
  • Piles can be battered (installed at an angle) if strong winds or other lateral forces are anticipated.

Learn more with some boardwalk and trail case studies!

EV Charging time savings

Minimal Environmental Impact

Installed into the earth like a giant screw, the placement and pitch of the helices on a Chance helical pile are designed for minimal disruption of the site soil. As the pile is screwed into the ground, each helix follows the tracks made by the previous helix, allowing the soil to be minimally disturbed and providing greater holding power.

Chance helical piles are installed with small equipment. In some cases, the first set of helical piles are installed to build the first section of boardwalk. After that, the installation equipment drives on the boardwalk and continues to install piles, allowing the next section to be built without touching the environmentally sensitive site with construction equipment! Not only is this good for the earth, it allows accessible trails to be built in remote locations.

Minimal Environmental Impact

Challenging Build Site Conditions

Chance helical piles transfer the load of the bridge or boardwalk to bearing capable strata deep below grade. (In layman’s terms load-bearing strata is the rock or soil far enough below the surface that it will support the boardwalk without shifting.)

Because the load is supported by the load-bearing soils, the boardwalk structure will remain unaffected by seasonal conditions including flooding, drought, and freezing.

Whether your terrain conditions are sand, clay, marsh, or rock, there is a helical pile solution that will work for you. Our engineers around the country have the experience and knowledge to make your project succeed.

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