Residential Solutions

New Construction

After noticing common indicators that their foundation is at risk, homeowners are forced to deal with a settling foundation. Hubbell Power Systems, Inc. (HPS) offers a variety of CHANCE┬« termination devices and accessories based on the project and application. CHANCE termination devices coupled with CHANCE helical piles are used to reinforce footing or stem walls prior to construction by spacing them 8 to 10 feet depending on the load of the structure and bearing strength of the soil. 

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A variety of CHANCE products exist utilizing both the ATLAS Resistance┬« pier and CHANCE helical pile for structural support. For exterior remediation, underpinning brackets offer support the load of the structure and transfer that to the anchoring system. When interior remediation is required, CHANCE interior slab bracket is a preferred solution. 

Retaining Walls

The CHANCE helical tieback system is a great solution for residential property requiring retaining wall stabilization. The benefits of using this system include immediate loading (no cure time for concrete or grout), predictable holding strength in most soils and installation in inclement weather.