Economical Mooring Systems

Chance® mooring systems, manufactured by Hubbell Power Systems, Inc., for municipal and private harbors are a cost effective way to safely store boats. The mooring systems are constructed with Chance mooring screw anchors and are particularly effective in areas subject to hurricanes. So much so that, in these areas, special incentives are often offered by insurance companies to boat owners who use these moorings.

Underwater Install Mooring

Underwater Install

Chance® screw anchors are installed into the harbor bottom by either work boats or divers using hydraulic rotary installing equipment with anti-torque devices. The bearing plates are installed through the silt to good bearing soils and the chains or lines are connected to the mooring or platforms above.

Fishing Moorings

Fishing Industry

Chance® mooring screw anchors are also used in the fast growing aqua-culture field holding fish cages securely to the ocean bottoms. To learn more about aqua farming applications for helical piles, click here.