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Light Duty Brackets - Porch Pile Cap Assemblies

The CHANCE® porch pile cap assembly is used to raise the concrete slab edge or non-load bearing wall using a screw lift system. The assembly consists of porch pile cap assembly and helical pile. This is a porch pile cap assembly to be mounted over either a 1-1/4″ square or 1-3/8″ square helical pile. The assembly will be supplied in mill finish steel. Order helical pile separately.

Please indicate finish required: P = Plain Steel G = Hot Dip Galvanized

Fits standard pile sizes:

PP-SS125-1375[*] (SS125 or SS1375 square shaft)

Ultimate mechanical strength = 10,000 lbs (44 kN)
Maximum working capacity = 5,000 lbs (22 kN)

[*] PP-Pile Shaft Size