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About Us - CHANCE® Products

Helical Brackets & Accessories

CHANCE offers helical brackets and accessories to be used in conjunction with CHANCE Anchors and Helical Piles in order to provide solid, lasting foundation systems at an affordable cost. CHANCE brackets & accessories are made for a wide variety of applications, including underpinning, concrete slab raising and timber support.


Concrete Slab Brackets

This assembly is used to raise the concrete slab using a screw lift system through the slab. It consists of screw lift slab pile assembly and helical ...

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Light Duty Brackets

This assembly is used to raise the concrete slab edge or non-load bearing wall using a screw lift system. The assembly consists of porch pile cap assembly ...

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Termination Devices

Hubbell Power Systems, Inc. offers a variety of CHANCE® special termination devices and standard accessories.  The project and application will dictate which product is used or specified. …

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Underpinning Brackets

Standard-Duty Underpinning Brackets for Helical Pile Foundation System For use with 1 1/2" and 1 3/4" square shaft anchors, as specified below, each bracket is identified by the ...

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Wall Anchor Kits

Either screw or plate anchors can be used to stabilize/straighten basement or retaining walls. Both types of anchor kits are available. This is accomplished by drilling a small hole ...

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Walkway Brackets

These brackets are used to connect timber beams to helical piles. The split bracket design is more universal because variability in timber beam thickness does ...

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