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Telephone: 573-682-8408
Email: helicap@hubbell.com

Get Your Volume / Hard Drive Serial Number

Windows XP®

  1. Click the START button
  2. Click RUN
  3. Within the RUN dialogue box type CMD
  4. Click OK
  5. After the C:\>
  • Type VOL
  • Press ENTER

Windows Vista®

  1. Click the Start Menu icon
  2. In the Start Search box type Command
  3. Press Enter
  4. Click Command Prompt in the menu
  5. After the C:\>
  • Type VOL
  • Press Enter

Get Your Volume / Hard Drive Serial Number

  1. When installing v2.0 on a computer that has v1.0 already installed, be sure to install v2.0 in a directory different than the default directory (Program Files\HeliCAP®); or delete all v1.0 program files from the default directory prior to installation of v2.0.
  2. If the program during installation asks you to update your system files, exit out of the Setup program. The message may mean your version of Windows® may have to be upgraded prior to being able to install the HeliCAP software. To upgrade your Windows system files, go to the link below and follow the instructions to install the Windows updates http://www.update.microsoft.com/microsoftupdate/v6/default.aspx?ln=en-us
  3. If you have trouble with your keycode, double-check the volume serial ID number by clicking START in the lower left hand corner of the screen, RUN, type COMMAND, click “OK” and at the C: prompt type “VOL” and press key. The volume serial ID number will be displayed. The volume serial number is an 8-digit alpha numeric code with a dash between the first four and last four digits. You must have the correct key code for your computer’s volume serial ID number.
  4. If you have a high level of security protecting your computer, i.e. firewalls, you may have to temporarily disable your firewall protection to load the program.
  5. If you can’t download the program from the system-generated e-mail, you may have to wait for your CD to arrive in the mail.
  6. If you have installed the latest Windows system file updates and the above remedies do not solve your installation issues, you may try to install on your computer by first starting Windows in SAFE mode by pressing F8 when the computer first starts up. Insert the HeliCAP CD and click on Setup.exe. During the installation process, the setup program will ask if you want to keep the newer files, or use older files. Answer “keep newer files”. Once this is done, the software should load.

CALL 573-682-8408 for further assistance.