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Instant Foundation® Solutions

CHANCE® Lighting Foundations

>Lighting Foundations

CHANCE® lighting foundations come job-ready with pre-engineered details. Our systems are designed to comply with AASHTO standard specifications for structural supports for highway signs, luminaries and traffic signals, making them ideal for multiple applications. Save significant costs over concrete methods and start working more efficiently with CHANCE lighting foundation systems.

Save Time & Money

  • Fast installation
  • Smaller crews
  • Immediate loading and wiring
  • Eliminates need for expensive anchor bolts

Solve Difficult Site Problems

  • Limited access areas
  • Frost heave
  • No vibration to disturb area
  • Use standard equipment to install
  • No excavation or spoils removal
  • Inclement weather installation
  • On-site load test capability

Green Alternative to Concrete

  • No water required for helical foundations
  • Easily removed
  • Low environmental impact installation carbon footprint
  • Made with recycled materials
  • Sustainable – reusable
  • Efficient installation reduces carbon footprint