Pole Base Foundations

Copper Wire Theft Prevention

With the value of copper increasing, wire theft has become a billion-dollar, nationwide problem. Thieves are willing to risk it all to resell the stolen wire to scrap metal dealers for historically as much as $4 per pound. Interestingly, the money they receive for the stolen commodity fails to compare with the labor and material cost of replacement. Each of us, as taxpayers, bears the financial burden.

The real cost of wire theft, however, comes at the expense of public safety due to dysfunctional roadway and public lighting. What's more, the money spent to replace the wire could be better spent on public works like snow removal and maintaining state and federal highways and bridges.

The CHANCEĀ® Anti-Theft Lighting Foundation is a device designed to stop the theft of copper wire, protecting both the public and private sectors from the high cost and intrinsic dangers of wire theft.

The concept is simple: Copper wires run through a clamping mechanism which prevents the wire from being pulled out of the ground through the baseplate.

The beauty of the device, for lighting contractors, is the fact that there's one less piece of hardware to order and one less piece to deal with logistically - the device is built right into the steel foundation. There are no separate parts to align when setting the pole and aligning the anchor bolts.

For additional security, order the tamper-proof cover as an accessory to ensure that clamping hardware cannot be removed.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • The clamping assembly can be removed during foundation installation, making it easier to run conduit and install wiring
  • The one-piece anti-theft device is built right into the foundation - no separate parts for lighting contractors to worry about
  • For additional security, order the tamper proof cover as an accessory to ensure that clamping hardware cannot be removed