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2875 Plate Pier Kit

By CHANCE Foundation Solutions 

Catalog ID: PSA4812

By CHANCE Foundation Solutions
Catalog ID:  PSA4812
2875 Plate Pier Kit (Plate Pier Bracket, Top Pier Platform, (1) Starter (3) Pier Sections).

ATLAS RESISTANCE® Piers can prevent settlement, stabilize foundations, and restore settled structures nearly to their original positions.

  • Finish Bracket & Top Pier Platform: Galvanized
  • Finish Pipe: Galvanized
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Product Details


Application Resistance Anchoring
Coating Mill Finish
Shaft Type RS
Strength Rating - Ultimate 30000 lb
Type Kits


Diameter - Pipe 2.87 in
Length 168.00 in
Weight 163.60 lb
Width - Wing 7 in

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