Pole Base Foundations

Pole Base Collar

Anti-Theft Lighting Foundations

Designed to enhance the appearance and functionality of streetlight foundations, CHANCE Precast Concrete Collars are an ideal, ready-made solution to specify in conjunction with Instant Foundations.

This unique offering in the streetlight foundation industry provides you with a single source for both the foundation anchor and its finished collar.

Available in various heights and diameters, Precast Concrete Collars drop onto the installed steel base and the pole is ready to mount. With no concrete to cure, the collars can be installed in any weather and are ready to use immediately after installation.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • No site casting concrete required
  • No stripping or parching of Sonotube
  • Consistent architectural concrete appearance
  • Single trip to job site
  • All-weather installation speed
  • Green-friendly - Relocate & Reuse
  • Proven pre-engineered design
  • Cost-efficiency - Save 10-25% over concrete*
  • *Depending on local labor rates

Concrete Collar Installation on Pole Base Foundation