Power Transformer Testing

Testing of power transformers is important for the manufacturers and end users. Manufacturers need to be certain their units are meeting the desired specifications, while end users need to perform regular maintenance procedures to detect minor fault symptoms before timely and costly failures occur.

As the leader in the field of high voltage test equipment, HIPOTRONICS offers the most complete line of transformer test equipment on the market. Transformer manufacturers, utility & contract workers, repair companies, and research labs will find all the necessary equipment to satisfy their testing needs. HIPOTRONICS also provides installation, calibration, repair and system upgrade services to keep your test systems performing at the highest level.


Applied AC Testing

Resonant Test Systems: Our modular and tank Series Resonant Systems are designed to test transformers according to the latest IEC, AEIC and UL standards.

700 Series: Our dielectric test systems are designed in a wide range of voltage and power ratings to meet requirements for testing transformers.