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Power Industry & Manufacturers

Testing the electrical integrity of high voltage apparatus and equipment in a manufacturing setting is critical to ensuring the products perform as designed, meet industry standards, and are safe for use by the end users. Such apparatus and equipment includes power cable and wire, transformers, switchgear, generating motors, vacuum interrupters, insulated components and infrastructure, safety tools, etc. As the demand for higher quality and more reliable electric equipment increases, manufacturers must test products to the extremes. For almost 60 years, HIPOTRONICS has been the company power industry apparatus and equipment manufactures turn to for reliable and accurate high voltage test equipment. HIPOTRONICS products are easy to operate and provide greater features and capabilities than our competitors. From cable testing to transformer testing, HIPOTRONICS has the equipment to meet your testing needs.

High Voltage Test Equipment

  • Applied AC: For testing switchgear, vacuum interrupters, cable, transformers, generating motors,etc.
  • Applied DC: For testing cable, switchgear, transformers, generating motors, etc.
  • Partial Discharge Testing: For testing cables, transformers, switchgear, generating motors, etc.

Medium Voltage Test Equipment