Bushing Testing

High voltage testing is a significant component of the manufacturing process, as well as in periodic maintenance, of bushings. HIPOTRONICS offers a complete line of high voltage test equipment for bushing manufacturers including AC testing, DC testing, impulse voltage testing, and partial discharge and power factor measurements. Periodic inspection and maintenance of installed bushings is critical to facilitate the detection of defective, deteriorated, contaminated, or otherwise damaged insulation within bushings. This maintenance work is crucial in avoiding outages caused by bushing failures. HIPOTRONICS offers a field portable power factor tester that makes this maintenance work as quick and easy as possible.

Applied AC Testing

  • Resonant Test Systems: Our modular and tank Series Resonant Systems are designed to test high voltage bushings according to the latest IEC, AEIC and UL standards.
  • 700 Series: Our dielectric test systems are designed in a wide range of voltage and power ratings to meet requirements for testing bushings.

Ultra High Voltage DC Testing

  • UHVDC: Our ultra high voltage DC test systems are designed to perform tests on DC bushings according to IEC62199 and are modular for easy set-up and future expansion.