National Labs & Universities

High voltage laboratories and universities play a critical role in development of new and innovative high voltage technologies. HIPOTRONICS works closely with our partners to ensure that the highest quality test equipment is used for these types of innovations. Along with R&D, national labs and universities sometimes provide high voltage testing services for our wide customer base. With the use of HIPOTRONICS equipment, those customers can be assured they are getting a high voltage test that they can trust.

Applied AC Testing

  • Resonant Test Systems: Our modular and tank Series Resonant Systems are designed to test high voltage apparatus according to the latest IEC and UL standards.
  • 700 Series: Our dielectric test systems are designed in a wide range of voltage and power ratings to meet requirements for AC testing at all levels.
  • 700-D149-DI Series: Our AC dielectric breakdown testers represents a new level of sophistication, flexibility and accuracy in breakdown voltage testing. Used for voltage breakdown testing of plastics, adhesives, ceramics and more, these systems are a unique and important tool to understand voltage withstand capabilities of your insulation material.

Partial Discharge Measurement

  • AC&DC PD Test Systems: Our wide range of partial discharge test systems is a complete product with high voltage AC & DC sources along with measurement equipment, coupling capacitors and optional test chambers. These systems fulfill most national and international partial discharge measuring standards and are an important diagnostic test for high voltage apparatus.