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EdgeConnect™ Screwless Terminations

Hubbell's patented EdgeConnect technology improves installation time by more than 80% making it the fastest termination on the market. Our latest innovation is the ideal solution for distribution systems, powering motor drives, or simply installing equipment on the production floor.

Improves installation time over 80% with screwless, tool-less termination.
Continuous pressure as strands relax ensures a secure connection.
Standard vibration improves wire retention over time.

The unique features of EdgeConnect

Innovative Twist-Lock® EdgeConnect receptacles, plugs, and flanged inlets are the fastest terminating devices on the market.

  • No torque screwdriver required for wiring
  • No exposed metal on receptacles
  • Strong spring pressure continues as strands relax
  • Available in a variety of NEMA configurations

Faster Connections Yield Greater Efficiencies

For decades, electrical installers have had to spend considerable time wiring each screw and torquing it down with a screwdriver or torque wrench, with the responsibility of measuring and ensuring the integrity of each connection. Even experienced installers needed well over a minute to terminate a single device. With EdgeConnect screwless termination technology, installers simply insert the wire and press the plunger down — no tools, training or special skills required to guarantee high-quality results.

The Twist-Lock Family of Products Powered With EdgeConnect