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Instant Foundation® Solutions

Parking, Area, and Site Lighting Foundations

>Parking, Area, and Site Lighting Foundations

Economical, No Site Preparation, Versatile

Be more profitable and meet your customers’ concerns. Immediacy of low-cost installation delivers a total product with performance that builds your reputation.

Specifically designed for above-grade and on-grade mounting of parking-area/site lighting standards, these non-extendable foundation anchors have high-strength pipe shafts to resist bending moments and substantial installing-torque ratings. They often can be installed through macadam surfaces.

One-trip convenience cuts costs and saves time!

For immediate installation of a luminaire foundation, a steel anchor screws in place by hydraulic rotary equipment mounted on common construction vehicles. For quick wiring, a cableway is precut in the pipe shaft.

This pre-engineered system is based on more than 80 years of earth-anchor research and development by ISO 9001-certified manufacturer Hubbell Power Systems, Inc. (HPS), which also markets to electric utilities, telecommunications and pipeline industries worldwide.

Power Installs, Even Through Pavement

To place an elevated light standard:

Halt penetration of the foundation at the proper depth to achieve the base height desired. After feeding the power conduit through the cableway and out the baseplate, a tube-type form may be used to encase the exposed shaft in a poured-concrete barrier, as with other methods.

Quick and easy, installation by the same equipment as other methods

To place a light standard on grade, simply drive the foundation to full depth. Then excavate to the cableway in the side of the foundation and insert the power conduit up through the baseplate.

Made for mounting in minutes, to match popular base designs

Typical above-grade example: 6 5/8-inch x 10-ft. foundation is designed for loads of a 39-ft. standard with four shoebox fixtures. Performance meets or exceeds concrete foundations.

Often installs in 10 minutes, with the pole up in less than an hour!

Without excavating to depth, a CHANCE® Instant Foundation® anchor can be driven through most soils and blacktop surfaces. The welded spiral plate (a true helix) acts as a screw thread during installation and a load-bearing member in place. Installation compacts the surrounding soil but does not remove any significant volume below grade.

By design, the foundation resists all associated loads: Wind, compression, and uplift. If required, the foundation can be withdrawn by the same method as installed, and reused.

To readily adapt equipment already used for placing this type of lighting, select from tools below based on torque requirements and limitations.

Share in the real payoffs - as other enterprising innovators have in these examples and more!

Tell us your application idea and we’ll help you develop the proper foundation design. You can bank on getting the quick and easy advantages pre-engineered into the sampling shown here. Our engineering staff draws on decades of skillfully applying our extensive soils data and testing resources to many practical foundation uses.

Telephones, road signs, protective bumper posts

"Off-the-shelf" adaptations of our instant foundations have been developed for these special applications.

Decorative and nostalgic lights

Gain the speed and reliability of our foundations to help you capitalize on this continuing retro-trend.

Pad mounted power gear, phone cabinets and protective bumper posts

Years of experience have proved the cost benefits and performance built into the foundations designed specifically for these uses.