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The BURNDY® PATRIOT® PATCUT1500 Cable Cutter is a battery powered, mechanically actuated cutting tool that is compact, easy to use, and incorporates the latest in battery tool technology. The ergonomic design and positioning of controls, provide single-handed operation and reduced operator fatigue for increased productivity. The PATCUT1500 tool provides the best overall cutting capacity in its class, offering cutting capacities up to 1500 kcmil Aluminum and 1000 kcmil Copper conductors.



  •   Designed to provide improved balance; reduces muscle and wrist fatigue

  •   Variable speed trigger for controlled cuts and conductor positioning

  •   Comfort molded grip



  •   Large cutting blades and a more powerful motor provide fast, precision cuts

  •   Stainless steel tooth guards ensure longer blade life

  •   Protected electronic circuitry to work in severe weather

  •   EP Enhanced Power tools accept 2.0Ah to 6.0Ah Makita batteries



  •   LED Worklight improves cutting visibility

  •   Forward/Reverse switch features a locking position

  •   Large, strategically placed, non-skid bumper for stability and safe cutting


Conductor Type Maximum Size
Aluminum 1500 KCMIL
Copper Flex 1250 KCMIL
Copper (soft drawn) 1000 KCMIL
Copper (hard drawn) 750 KCMIL

Do Not Cut Steel or ACSR



Tool PN Description
PATCUT1500LI Tool, 3.0Ah 18V Li-ion, AC Charger
PATCUT1500L5 Tool, 5.0Ah 18V Li-ion, AC Charger
PATCUT1500LCB Tool, No charger or battery



Part Number Description
BAT18VLI Hi-capacity LI Makita Battery (3.0Ah)
BAT18V5AHLI Hi-capacity LI Makita Battery (5.0Ah)
PATCHGRLI 120V-AC Makita Charger
PATCHGRLIDC 12/24V-DC Makita Charger
CASEPATCUT1500 Polymer Carrying Case
PT208620 Lanyard