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Hubbell eTours

Hubbell's in-depth virtual tours are designed to graphically and innovatively demonstrate where and how Hubbell’s full line of wiring devices for power, data, voice and multimedia are deployed

View our latest interactive eTour:

Hubbell 360-Degree eTour offers a virtual look at solutions that reduces installation times

Installation Efficiency eTour This interactive, 360-degree Installation Efficiency eTour walks users through 10 different environments and identifies how and where Hubbell solutions can be used to efficiently deliver power, data, and AV – while also supporting fast installation.

Hubbell 360-Degree eTour of a Healthcare Facility

Installation Efficiency This eTour showcases details about high-performance Hubbell Wiring Devices, Delivery Systems, and Data & Communications products. These devices can be deployed in healthcare environments to support power, data, voice, and multimedia.

This hands-on, fully immersive virtual tour gives users an up-close look at nine different areas within a healthcare environment, including patient-care spaces, laboratories, diagnostic areas, parking garages, and food and laundry rooms.


Hubbell 360-Degree eTour of an Industrial Facility

Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems is excited to announce the launch of its interactive, 360-degree Industrial eTour, which showcases details about high-performance industrial solutions from a variety of Hubbell brands.

The 360-degree Industrial eTour represents how solutions from Hubbell brands such as Acme Electric, Bell Outdoor, Burndy, Dual-Lite, Gleason Reel, Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems, Killark, and Wiegmann are used throughout an industrial setting.


Hubbell Delivery Systems eTour

A hands-on, virtual tour creatively showcases how Hubbell’s Delivery Systems offering can be successfully deployed to meet the power, data, and audio/video needs of a variety of applications, including offices, schools, hospitals, stadiums, and airports.

Hubbell Food Processing Facility eTour

Navigate through a virtual food processing facility that lets visitors explore 14 unique spaces that include food processing areas, shipping and recieving as well as non-manufacturing areas like cafeteria and office areas. Each area demonstrates where Hubbell products are used and the type of solution they provide.

Hubbell Manufacturing Facility eTour

This hands-on, virtual tour of a manufacturing plant takes visitors through 14 unique spaces that include manufacturing areas such as molding, machining and assembly to non-manufacturing areas like cafeteria and office areas. Each space demonstrates where Hubbell products are used and the type of solution they provide.

Hubbell Safety eTour

Users explore this virtual industrial facility and see the many Hubbell safety solutions that are employed in areas like shipping, plating, molding, automated assembly, manual assembly and maintenance.

Hubbell Education Facilities eTour

This virtual tour of an education campus encompasses many different buildings and unique spaces. There are over 140 Hubbell product application solutions demonstrated throughout.