Electrical Wiring Solutions for Pulp & Paper Processing Facilities

When it comes to Pulp and Paper processing equipment and facilities, you need power and data devices designed to support process automation, ensure constant uptime, improve efficiency and promote safety.

The Leader of Electrical Wiring Devices for Pulp & Paper Processing


Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems has been supporting the Pulp and Paper industry for more than 130 years. Electrical wiring devices from Hubbell combine your business priorities with high-quality products that deliver industry-leading results through safety, efficiency, performance and durability.

From receiving raw materials to shipping finished goods and every manufacturing process in between, you will find solutions that meet all necessary standards and withstand the harshest environments. Our experts know the electrical, instrumentation and automation components your facility requires to work together efficiently and effectively within the process automation, and our products deliver. Learn more about our solutions today.

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Pulp & Paper Electrical Wiring Products


Wiring Device-Kellems offers end-to-end product solutions including motor disconnects, wiring devices, wire management, pin and sleeve devices and more for the Pulp and Paper industry. Browse our highly engineered product range below.

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