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It’s About Time

Hubbell’s innovative, patented EdgeConnect™ screwless technology provides the fastest terminating industrial and commercial devices.

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Stay competitive with EdgeConnect technology

Strong steel springs inside grip wires tight for a reliable connection. They eliminate screws, so installers get more done in less time. Simply insert the wire and engage the lever. See for yourself in our video:

Why EdgeConnect devices are better

Terminations are user ready. No torquing, no tools for a fool-proof wiring. The springs apply pressure continuously even in demanding environments to keep wires secure. Yet unwires easily when you need it. And no exposed screw terminals means enhanced safety!

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65-80% Faster Termination

Get done faster! As quick as 11 seconds per termination. Color-coded levers eliminate confusion.

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25-60% Better Vibration Performance

Instead of loosening, EdgeConnect terminations hold wires tighter when subjected to vibration and temperature cycling.

2X Better Retention

Compared to UL wire retention requirements, EdgeConnect terminations offer superior strength over time.

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See inside EdgeConnect technology

See how our levered spring design makes device terminations better, safer, and significantly faster in our overview video. We provide reliable, high-performance installation innovation.

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Save with any product type

All industrial and commercial wiring device categories benefit with EdgeConnect technology for increased performance and productivity. Find out more below.

Twist Lock

Twist-Lock® devices with EdgeConnect technology deliver rugged performance in any industrial setting subject to vibration.

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Straight Blade

Straight blade devices with EdgeConnect technology transform industrial or commercial installation with productivity gains.

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Heavy duty switches with EdgeConnect technology add “fastest installing” benefit to the safest and most reliable designs.

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Time equals money

Your time is valuable. See for yourself how much you can save by installing EdgeConnect devices on your project. Try our savings calculator. More devices = bigger difference.


8.3 Hours Labor


2.8 Hours Labor

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