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Energy Saving Solutions

Improving energy efficiency can reduce operating costs and improve product lifecycle, which is why Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems manufactures wiring devices that reduce plug load, automatically respond to occupant needs, and take advantage of daylight.

Room Controller

The Load:Logic® Room Controller lets the user create a rich selection of customized atmospheres with dimmers, preset lighting levels, daylighting harvesting, and more. As a result of flexible and precise control, energy efficiency is improved, reducing operating costs and monthly utility bills.

Automatic Receptacle Control

The Load Control Duplex Receptacle offers automatic receptacle control with the capability of controlling other receptacles downstream in a branch circuit for maximum energy efficiency.


Control Panels

The Load:Logic® Control Panel has a full list of customizable settings for lighting and receptacle control in unison with occupancy sensors, switches and photocells to enhance a facility’s energy efficiency.