Marine Electrical Products Built to Last

Our products are built to provide safe, dependable, and lasting power in harsh marine environments.

Dependable Shore Power

Experience the benefits of fully functional shore power that minimizes downtime.

Safe and Secure Connections

Realize the full potential of marine power with dependable wiring devices, adapters, and ship to shore cables that ensure strong connections between your boat and onshore power sources.

Rigorously Tested for Maritime Environments

Protect your property with marine devices that have been tested and field-proven in a variety of maritime environments.

Breadth of Line

Power your entire fleet with our wide range of marine devices. From 15A to 200A, 50Hz or 60Hz, and various other device configurations, we have the product to match your application.

Powering Marine Innovation and Safety

We've partnered with industry-leading distributors, boat builders, and OEMs across the globe to advance marine innovation and safety.



Our diverse network of distributors ensures the seamless delivery of marine products to customers all around the world.

Boat Builders

Boat Builders

We work directly with boatbuilders to ensure our products meet the specific demands of marine environments.



We build marine electrical devices that assist OEMS in delivering the high-quality products their customers expect.

Where to buy Hubbell Marine

Our Marine electrical products are available through distributors across the globe. Find a distributor near you to purchase your marine electrical products today.