Prefabricated Electrical Solutions

Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems offers two different solutions for your prefabrication electrical needs! For contractors doing prefab assembly, we deliver a One Source solution. For projects that require a pre-assembly provider, we offer Rough-in Ready prefab services.

Hubbell Pre-wired Floor Box

Single Source Prefab

Electrical contractors save time, materials, and money through pre-assembling electrical components before sending them to jobsites. Prefab provides a competitive advantage in today’s construction environment.

It’s not hard for electrical contractors to get into prefab. We make it even easier by providing one source to simplify the ordering process, which also eliminates errors. Our Prefab Electrical Solutions guide helps streamline the ordering process.

The guide highlights all the components contractors need:

  • Electrical boxes
  • Connectorized devices (receptacles and switches)
  • Mounting brackets
  • Cable management
  • Mud rings

Find out more in our Prefab Electrical Solutions guide.

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