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Tamper Resistant Solutions

Hubbell’s patented Cam Action Technology makes inserting a plug as easy as plugging into a standard receptacle. This design has been incorporated into our Industrial, Hospital, Commercial and Residential receptacles. This broad offering ensures the right quality product for all projects.

TR Receptacle Mechanisms

We refined the design and functionality of traditional tamper-resistant plastic shutter mechanisms. Our new solution is just as efficient at ensuring child safety, but it also operates invisibly. You won’t know it’s there, and it won’t prevent you from plugging in.

Tamper Resistant Outlet

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We're so confident that our tamper-resistant outlet products will meet and exceed your expectations, that we're offering a Free Sample!

Tamper Resistant Outlet

TR Literature

Learn more about Hubbell's full line of Tamper Resistant Receptacles with features that minimize difficulties and maximize safety