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The dynamic environments the Entertainment Industry faces are unpredictable and therefore place high demands on all your equipment. Hubbell devices have the proven reliability to deliver secure connections that let you turn your attention to the critical details for a flawless show, no matter what the venue.

Hubbell Stage Pin White Paper

White Paper: Rethinking the Stage Pin Connector

The venerable stage pin—with its flat, low profile and basic design—has been the standard connector type for powering high intensity theatrical lighting equipment on North American stage and studio sets for decades. These familiar workhorses are invariably deployed by the dozens or even hundreds—with both male and female sides—all around nearly every TV, film or stage production, effectively powering the brightest and most essential fixtures, and helping to transform the darkest and most challenging locations into optimally lit scenes.

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Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems Entertainment Market Products

We offer products tailored to the entertainment industry requirements for durability, aesthetics and safety. Including all black plugs and connectors that blend into the background, series 15 and 16 single pole devices with a double cam that stand up to repeated mating, angle plugs from 15 to 60 amps that fit into the tight spaces where cable management becomes a more critical issue, and the overall quality that can take on the harsh everyday abuse unique to producing a show.

Safety is always a top priority. All Hubbell products are designed and manufactured with this in mind and exceed UL standards so the show can go on.

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