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Products for Enhanced Productivity

When products are designed for fast, simple installation, projects can be completed in less time. Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems offers labor-saving solutions for new construction and renovation projects that also reduce the need for repair and maintenance.

Wire Basket Tray Pre-Formed Fittings

Hubbell Pre-Formed Fittings are time and cost effective solutions compared to conventional field fabricated wire basket installations. No cutting or configuring is required when installing Hubbell Pre-Formed Elbows, Tees and Intersections. This labor saving solution reduces man hours and speeds project completion.

SNAPConnect® Receptacles

SNAPConnect’s modular connector is installed during rough-in in leu of pigtails. Once the walls are up, the protective covering is removed and the terminal is simply snapped into the SNAPConnect device for a consistent connection every time.

CONNEXION 2.0 Zone Distribution System

Connexion is a factory assembled, flexible, modular plug-n-play system that delivers power in raised floor installations. This unique system increases the value of the infrastructure and meets the challenges posed by new construction and renovation.