Configurable Raceway and Flexible Conduit for Pre-wired Electrical System Installations

Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems provides Pre-wired Raceway Systems for Configurable Raceway and Gang Box Installations that are compatible with Electrical Box Covers.

Facility use has changed, and increased power and data requirements must keep pace with new demands. Hubbell Pre-Wired Raceway Systems accommodate changing requirements while keeping fast track projects on schedule. Our Application Engineers are your partner, completing the take off and providing quotes, preparing layout drawings and shipping products. Available in aluminum, steel and nonmetallic, factory pre-cut and pre-wired lengths of raceway arrive ready for installation with all device cover plates, end caps, elbows and other required fittings. And, since aluminum raceway covers and cover plates are cut from the same extrusion, aesthetics are guaranteed.


Hubbell Pre-wired Floor Box



  • Handling and installation time reduces labor costs by up to 45%
  • Issue one purchase order for a complete raceway system
  • SNAPConnect® devices may be used for future proofing the installation


  • Education
  • Retail
  • Healthcare
  • Research Laboratories
  • Commercial Offices
  • Work Bench Solutions
Hubbell Pre-wired Floor Box

Hubbell Pre-Wired Raceway Ordering Process

  1. Contact your local Hubbell sales representative and provide project information, including specifications and drawings.
  2. Upon receipt of an order, Hubbell’s application engineer will provide a detailed product submittal for customer approval.
  3. Raceway is shipped in clearly marked cartons with building number, floor, and/or room number referenced for easy job site installation.
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