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Twist-Lock® Devices with EdgeConnect™ Screwless Terminations

The market’s fastest-terminating Twist-Lock® devices.

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Screwless Terminating Plugs, Connectors, Receptacles, Flanged Receptacles and Inlets

Improve installation time by more than 80% on electrical projects with Twist-Lock® Edge series plugs, connectors, receptacles, flanged receptacles and inlets, featuring screwless terminations. Strong levered springs inside the device continue to apply pressure as strands relax over time for a reliable connection. Our design keeps wires tight, improving connections in the most demanding environments.

Improve installation time over 80% with screwless, tool-less termination
Continuous pressure as strands relax, ensuring a secure connection
Standard vibration improves wire retention over time

Get to know EdgeConnect™

Innovative Twist-Lock® EdgeConnect™ receptacles, plugs, and flanged inlets are the fastest terminating devices on the market

  • No torque screwdriver required for wiring
  • No exposed metal on receptacles
  • Strong spring continues to apply pressure as strands relax
  • Available in a variety of NEMA configurations
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