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White Papers

Kitchen Counter Pop-Up Receptacle

Countertop receptacles allow cords to safely rest on top of the counters, without drooping over the side, reduce risk of snags that could lead to the injuries that are common, while providing proper spacing and convenience for food preparation and appliance use.


Rethinking the Stage Pin Connector

The venerable stage pin—with its flat, low profile and basic design—has been the standard connector type for powering high intensity theatrical lighting equipment on North American stage and studio sets for decades. These familiar workhorses are invariably deployed by the dozens or even hundreds—with both male and female sides—all around nearly every TV, film or stage production, effectively powering the brightest and most essential fixtures, and helping to transform the darkest and most challenging locations into optimally lit scenes.


Automatic Receptacle Control (ARC) - A powerful solution to reduce power consumption

Advances in building construction and product technology have enabled building design to be more energy efficient than ever before. Until recently, HVAC systems and lighting presented the greatest opportunities for energy conservation. Designers and manufacturers have been implementing solutions to reduce the power consumption of these systems for decades. Office equipment, appliances and plug-in lighting loads are the next major area for potential reduction of energy consumption.


Electrical Consumption Data - A powerful tool for process optimization

In order to optimize the success of their production lines, operators in industries of all kinds have for years been collecting process data and monitoring real time metrics, working to gain insight into their processes and optimize them on the fly. See how tracking a new data flow, with the help from Hubbell’s inSIGHT Data Monitoring products, can further increase uptime and minimize waste.


Polycarbonate Thermoplastic Wallplates

Polycarbonate’s unique combination of properties remain relatively constant over a wide range of temperatures which is what makes it a material of choice. It offers excellent impact and chemical resistance. A perfect candidate for wallplates where safety is a demanding factor, polycarbonate is one of the few resins with flammability characteristics consistent with the needs of the electrical industry, rated at UL94 V2.