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Connector, Parallel Groove


Catalog ID: LC811AXB

Single Center Bolt Aluminum Parallel Groove Connector with Bonded Copper Liner

Product Details


Bolt Head Type Carriage Bolt
Bolt Installation Torque (Recommended) 240 in-lbs
Inhibitor Loaded Yes
Material Aluminum
Material - Body Aluminum Alloy
Material - Body Halves Aluminum Alloy
Material - Bolt Galvanized Steel
Material - Bottom Member Aluminum Alloy
Material - Casting Aluminum Alloy
Material - Hardware Galvanized Steel
Material - Hex Nut Galvanized Steel
Material - Keeper Aluminum Alloy
Material - Spacer Aluminum Alloy
Material - Tap Liner Bonded Copper
Material - Washer Galvanized Steel
Plating No
Product Category Mechanical Connectors
Style Single Center Bolt
Type Parallel Groove
UPC 096359320036


Bolt Diameter 0.380 in
Diameter - Bolt 0.38 in
Dimensions 1.250 in x 2.031 in x 2.250 in
Height 2.250 in
Length 1.250 in
Weight 0.294 lb
Width 2.031 in

Conductor Related

Conductor Compatibility ACSR-Turkey-6-6/1;ACSR-Swan-4-6/1;ACSR-Swanate-4-7/1;ACSR-Sparrow-2-6/1;ACSR-Sparate-2-7/1;ACSR-Robin-1-6/1;ACSR-Raven-1/0-6/1;ACSR-Quail-2/0-6/1;ACSR-Pigeon-3/0-6/1;ACSR-Penguin-4/0-6/1;ACSR-Waxwing-266.8-18/1;ACSR-Partridge-266.8-26/7;ACSR-Ostrich-300-26/7;ACSR-Merlin-336.4-18/1;ACSR-Linnet-336.4-26/7;ACSR-Oriole-336.4-30/7;ACSR-Brahma-203.2-16/19;AAC-Peachbell-6-7;AAC-Rose-4-7;AAC-Iris-2-7;AAC-Pansy-1-7;AAC-Poppy-1/0-7;AAC-Aster-2/0-7;AAC-Phlox-3/0-7;AAC-Oxlip-4/0-7;AAC-Valerian-250-19;AAC-Laurel-266.8-19;AAC-Tulip-336.1-19;AAC-Daffodil-350-19;AAC-Canna-397.5-19;AAAC 6201 Alloy-Akron-30.58-6/18;AAAC 6201 Alloy-Alton-48.69-6/18;AAAC 6201 Alloy-Ames-77.47-6/18;AAAC 6201 Alloy-Azusa-123.3-6/18;AAAC 6201 Alloy-Anaheim-155.4-6/18;AAAC 6201 Alloy-Amherst-195.7-6/18;AAAC 6201 Alloy-Alliance-246.9-6/18
Conductor Diameter (Main) - Maximum 0.741 in
Conductor Diameter (Main) - Minimum 0.328 in
Conductor Diameter (Main) Range 0.328 - 0.741
Conductor Diameter (Tap) - Maximum 0.373 in
Conductor Diameter (Tap) - Minimum 0.128 in
Conductor Type Aluminum/Copper

Certifications and Compliance

UL Listed No


Pallet Quantity 4800 EA