CHANCE® Lineman Grade Tools™

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Since the acquisition of Tips Tool Co. in 1937, CHANCE® Lineman Grade Tools™, formerly AB Chance Tools, have been manufactured in Centralia, Missouri. As a world-renowned brand for hotline tools and temporary grounding equipment, we are dedicated to providing high quality tools that are critical for lineman safety. Acquired by Hubbell in 1994, CHANCE Lineman Grade Tools offers over 10,000 vital products that aid lineworkers as they build and maintain transmission and distribution lines and substations, including: hotline tools and equipment, temporary protective grounding, load handling, instruments, meters, rubber gloves, cover-up, and insulating rope tools. Lineman safety has always been our top priority. In addition to high quality tools, our Tool Demonstrator team of Journeyman Linemen are available to provide lineman training services at your location anywhere in the world.