Underground Solutions

Seamless Installation and Protection of Underground Systems

Proper installation and maintenance of underground systems requires reliable and convenient enclosures and pad-mounted equipment foundations. Our sealed enclosures offer cost-effective protection for electrical equipment to meet the specific demands of your industry.

Enhanced Safety and Reliability
Reduced Outages
Minimal Environmental Impact
Increased Property Value

Diverse Cable Accessories

Harness our line of cable accessories to fit your unique application requirements. Choose from a variety of underground separable connectors and accessories for utility, commercial, industrial and generation applications.

Sealed Enclosures

We offer the industry’s broadest line of enclosures, separable connectors, and grounding options that consistently exceed applicable standards.

Direct Burial and Submersible Connectors

Our submersible connectors are developed to fit most handhole and direct burial tapping and splicing applications. Each dual-rated connector is spark-tested for reliability and approved for submersible and direct burial applications. The connectors offer UV stable EPDM rubber insulation and meet ANSI C119.1 and ANSI C119.4 performance requirements.

Turnkey Solutions for Effective Underground Management

Adaptable elbows, inserts, and boxes maintain structural integrity and ensure safe insulation in underground environments and direct-burial conditions.

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