Wildlife Mitigation Solutions

wildlife mitigation solutions greenjacket

Wildlife Mitigation

Wildlife contact with high voltage equipment causes up to 20% of all power outages. The cost impacts of these unplanned interruptions can be very significant for utilities and their connected customers. Impacts can result in significant equipment damage, lost revenue, regulatory fines, and safety risks, just to name a few. Hubbell is focused on providing solutions to prevent these types of outages, protect critical infrastructure and keep the power flowing. By leveraging the team with the best-in-class features of the Greenjacket and Reliaguard brands, we can help you solve the most challenging wildlife problems.

wildlife mitigation solutions greenjacket


The Hubbell Wildlife Mitigation team takes a collaborative approach to truly understand customer needs and expectations, business impacts, risk tolerance, and budget constraints to provide the most effective wildlife mitigation solutions available through the Greenjacket and Reliaguard brands. A team of experienced linemen on staff provide invaluable insight throughout our process, from helping with important design features to engaging with customers on best practices. This is insight that only their experience can provide.

wildlife mitigation solutions greenjacket


Hubbell continuously engages with wildlife biologists to improve our solutions and understand how to help minimize utility system impacts on the environment and protected species. Our team actively supports industry groups such as APLIC and IEEE to foster continuous improvement in industry knowledge and wildlife mitigation solutions.





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Greenjacket is a custom, made-to-order, precise fit cover-up solution for substations that is made based on the actual dimensions of the underlying equipment. With a fit tolerance of 1/8”, the appropriate air gap built in, and a 20+ year service life, it classifies as a “protection system” and can typically be capitalized just like the expensive high voltage equipment it is protecting. The cover designs are produced from a proprietary, field proven sprayed polyurea formulation.

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  • IEEE 1656 – meets specific test criteria
  • Precise-Fit…Can cover any type of equipment, configuration or unique connection, including grounded structures
  • Flame Retardant with a UL94 V0 rating
  • Over 1500+ molds for product parts
  • Proven 95% reduction in wildlife caused outages over a 10 Year Period at Berkshire Hathaway owned AltaLink – Case Study Available
  • Easy to install, remove and reapply
  • Classified as a protection system that can be capitalized – whitepaper available
  • Comprehensive “Site Protection Plan” Included
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Reliaguard Image

Reliaguard has a comprehensive portfolio of pre-molded wildlife mitigation products for common equipment on distribution powerlines and in substations. Product designs include many exclusive features that improve both effectiveness and ease of installation. Guards are produced from a proprietary material known as Reliatanium that was specifically formulated to meet the demanding requirements of wildlife mitigation guards. Reliatanium is UV stable, track resistant, and flame retardant. Reliaguard also has a comprehensive portfolio of silicone conductor and bus cover to be used in conjunction with guards for extended protection on energized conductors.

  • UV Stable
  • Flame Retardant(UL 94 V0) – Won’t burn or drip
  • Track Resistant – 1000 hrs. Energized Salt Fog
  • Installation and Glove Friendly Designs
  • RUS Approved
  • Conveniently Packaged for Volume Shipments
  • Detailed Installation Guides Included
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