Enhanced System Performance and Line Recloser Bypass Switching

Flexible Distribution Management with Bypass and Disconnect Switches

Our pre-assembled switches, brackets, and reclosers ensure operational safety by significantly reducing installation time, complexity, and pole footprint.

Efficient Maintenance and Repair
Reduced Downtime
Enhanced Linemen Safety
Expedited Installation

Field-Proven Recloser Bypassing and Disconnect Solutions

From pole mount options to loadbreak hooks, backstraps, terminal connectors and much more, we offer a wide array of custom products that facilitate efficient recloser maintenance.

Factory-Assembled Distribution Switches

Factory-Assembled Distribution Switches

Enjoy seamless on-site installation with bypass switches shipped directly to you from our factory.

Our switches’ fully welded mounts maximize rigidity to avoid the misalignment often associated with conventional bolt-together designs. BP3 switches are available with right or left-opening bypass blades.

  • 3-pull switch operation
  • 600 and 900 amp ratings
  • Available in 15kV, 27kV, and 38 kV voltage classes
  • Single and three-phase units
  • Ship fully assembled
Enhanced Operational Safety

Enhanced Operational Safety

No more installing up to seven different switches. Simply hang one switch, make the connections, and you’re ready to operate.

We offer bypass switches rated at 600 or 900 amps with available nominal voltage ratings of 15kV, 27kV and 38kV. Our exclusive ESP™ polymer insulators provide lightning impulse levels from 110kV through 200kV.

Dependable Designs

Dependable Designs

Maximize leakage distance with sleek overhead bypass switches and ESP polymer insulators.

Our bypass and disconnect blades are constructed with high conductivity copper and silver-plated at all contact areas. Angled terminal pads on each blade help maintain maximum pole clearance during recloser connection.

Adaptable Recloser Bypass Switching Systems

Our reclosers and switches with pole mounting brackets are designed specifically to meet your unique application and use case.

Learn More About Our BP3 Bypass Switches

Dependable Bypass and Disconnect Switches for Grid Stability

Harness the capabilities of our disconnect, fused bypass, and regulator switches to isolate automatic circuit reclosers with improved efficiency and accuracy.

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