Seismic Solutions

Securing Infrastructure: Seismic Event Protection Solutions

Extreme vibrations during seismic events can cause malfunctioning and significant structural damage to electronics. Safeguard your electrical components against noise, vibration, and voltage with our seismic-proof products.

Rigorous Testing
Comprehensive Seismic Selection
IEEE 693 Qualified Equipment
Widespread Outage Mitigation

Dependable Performance in Unstable Environments

Ensure structural resiliency and protect your high-voltage equipment from the effects of lightning switches and surges.

Structural Stability

Structural Stability

Our products are built to withstand P, S, Love and Rayleigh seismic waves that can compromise structural and electrical integrity.

Meet Strict IEEE Testing Standards

Meet Strict IEEE Testing Standards

Count on the durability of our substation products designed to meet IEEE 693 standards, a classification that includes qualifications for each type of substation equipment.

Full Range of Substation Gear for Seismic Design

Full Range of Substation Gear for Seismic Design

We provide the most comprehensive selection of substation equipment available to address the electric industry’s seismic needs, including the AVR 245kV Switch, PCORE® and Electro Composites™ Bushings, and Surge Arresters.

Bushings and Surge Arresters with Seismic Capabilities

Our advanced substation equipment ensures that your electrical systems have the dependability and adaptability they need to maintain or redirect current during unpredictable seismic events.

Explore Our Seismic Capabilities Flyer

Learn more about the seismic capabilities and qualification tests of our switches and PCORE bushings in this flyer.

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