Well-equipped Research Facilities

Our resources feature a high-power generator with state-of-the-art controls and data acquisition. We are equipped to offer a wide range of electrical, mechanical, and environmental testing services with non-standard customization options.

Chance® Engineering Research Laboratory

Chance® Engineering
Research Laboratory

Chance® Engineering Research Laboratory
Centralia, Missouri |
Operating since: 1961

Our F. Gano Chance Engineering Research Laboratory in Centralia includes 27,000 sq-ft of lab space under one roof, surrounded by acres of green fields for outdoor testing. Originally built by the A. B. Chance Company, the recently renovated facility contains four primary test labs: Short Circuit, High Voltage, Mechanical, Environmental, along with an on-site machine shop.

Mailing address

210 N. Allen Street
Centralia, Missouri 65240

Shipping address

300 N Howard Burton Drive
Centralia, Missouri 65240

Physical address

402 N Howard Burton Drive
Centralia, Missouri 65240

Frank B. Black<br>Research Center

Frank B. Black
Research Center

Frank B. Black<br>Research Center Location Map
Wadsworth, Ohio |
Operating since: 1968

Our Frank B. Black Research Center in Wadsworth is home to Hubbell’s state-of-the-art High Voltage Test Lab. The facility was originally built the Ohio Brass Company to develop and test world- class insulators, surge arresters and cable accessories for underground systems. Today, arrester MOV block testing, mechanical and environmental testing happen here, along with polymer development.

Mailing & shipping address

8711 Wadsworth Road
Wadsworth, Ohio 44281-8438


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Certifications & Quality

As an independent, third-party testing facility, we adhere to the highest laboratory, quality, and environmental management standards. Our qualified and experienced staff participate in ANSI, SAIA, and IEEE standards committees.

ISO 17025

ISO 17025

Highest Quality Standards Certified Laboratories

ISO 9001

ISO 9001

Quality Management Standards Certified Laboratories

A2LA Accredited

A2LA Accredited

Wadsworth 4175.01
Electrical Field of Testing

A2LA Accredited

A2LA Accredited

Centralia 4175.02
Electrical Field of Testing

Explore Our Testing Options

Discover our range of testing options. While many of our tests are optimized for electrical utility products, we service many industries: construction, telecommunications, transportation, aerospace, gas, water, plus smart grid, and renewables.

High Power Short Circuit Testing


Electromagnetic Force Withstand Test (Grounding)

Arrester Pressure Relief Test

Interruption Test

Distribution Switching Test (Load, Line Charging, Cable Char…

High Current Withstand Test

Equipotential Matting and Underground Electrical Strike Test

Sensor Overload Tests

Distribution Transformer Short Circuit Test

Traveling Arc and Drop Conductor Test

Power Arc and Flammability Test



High Voltage Dielectric Testing


AC High Voltage Withstand / Flashover Test

Lightning Impulse Withstand / Flashover Test

Leakage Current Test


Corona Test

  • Partial Discharge (PD)
  • Radio Interference Voltage (RIV)
  • Visible and Audible Corona Test

Insulated Aerial Lift Qualification Test

AC High Voltage Bonding Test

Tracking and Erosion Test

Continuous Voltage Test



Low Power Testing


Continuous and Overload Current Test

Static Heating Stability Test

Current Cycling Test (CCT)

Heat / Temperature Rise Test

Current Sensor Accuracy and Overload Test

Fuse Melting Test



Pulse Power Testing


MOV Block Testing

Current Impulse Withstand and Operating Duty (Qth) Tests

Time Overvoltage Test (TOV)

Power Frequency and Discharge Voltage/Time Characteristic Tests

Disconnector Operation Test

Duty Cycle Test

Switching Impulse Energy Rating Test (Wth)

Residual Voltage Tests

Thermal Stability Tests

Single-impulse charge transfer rating test (Qrs)

Partial Discharge Test

Watts Loss Test

Thermal Equivalency Test




Mechanical Testing


Tension / Compression Test

Cantilever / Longitudinal Test

Torque Tests

Load Cycling Tests

Sudden Release Test

Brace Line Post Deflection Testing

Fiberoptic Attenuation Test




Environmental Testing


Tracking and Erosion Testing

Salt Fog Testing

Ultraviolet Testing (QUV)

Flammability Test

Thermal Cycling Test

Multi-Stress Test




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