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Messenger Hangers

Hangers for figure 8 messenger and with 3" offset.

Cable Extension bolt

By CHANCE Utility  
Catalog ID: PSC2080292
Cable Extension bolt creates a second cable run at the same level on the same side of the pole as existing cable run. Use in conjunction with Reinforcing Strap (PSC2080241). Meets Bellcore 627-0005.

Figure-8 Messenger Hanger, .109in to .134in (7/64in to 9/64in) Messenger Cable Size

By CHANCE Utility  
Catalog ID: PS9015
Figure 8 Cable Hanger, used to support integrated messenger wire. Accomodates .109" to .134" solid messenger wire.

Messenger Hanger, Universal Type, 2-7/8in Pole Offset, 5/16in to 1/2in Messenger Range

By CHANCE Utility  
Catalog ID: 7911
Messenger Hanger, used on corners and straight runs. Messenger is securely clamped by two 1 /2" bolts. Mounts with a 5 /8" thru-bolt and a 1 /2" lag screw (both are ordered seperately).
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