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Base Assembly

by CHANCE Utility 

Catalog ID: E4000748P

Load-Monitor System built into lower end of the mast measures and displays the weight of load being lifted, including the Auxiliary-Arm assembly itself. An audible alarm warns truck operator and others nearby should a preset working load be exceeded. Complete operating and maintenance instructions are furnished with each unit. Typical application enables lifting a three-phase set of conductors out of the way while a pole, crossarm or other equipment is replaced or repaired. Meter permits operator to check the actual load throughout operation. This can be of extreme importance since these conductor loads are difficult to estimate and vary with conductor sizes and tensions, pole spans and terrain geometry. By helping to alert operators to potential overloads, the load-monitor system can help avoid damage to trucks and other equipment while also adding to personnel safety. Note that mast base casting has “teeth” on both sides so it can be mounted either way around on the boom for optimum visibility of the meter by the operator. Choice of boom adapters, scales, options Available to fit either round or rectangular booms, both come with hydraulic load gauge scale graduated in either Englishpounds or metric kilograms. Optional accessories include a single wireholder and a conductor hook for use on the end of the mast. A rope-sheave assembly also fits the mast for use as a gin. Single wireholder may be swiveled as needed. Hook swivels, but its base pins for control. Sheave pins to keep it aligned in a vertical-plane.

Product Details


Style Boom Mounted Auxiliary Arm
UPC 096359082446


Weight 55.37 lb