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Boom Mounted Aux Arm

by CHANCE Utility 

Catalog ID: C4000744

The 4" x 4" mast is fitted with a quick mounting assembly which attaches to booms from 5.875" x 7.325" to 12" x 12", both square and rectangular. The working end of the mast will accept several accessories such as an Epoxiglas®- Auxiliary Arm, single lifting wire holder or a sheave for gin work. The Auxiliary Arm may be swiveled to and locked into any desired position. The single lifting wire holder may also be swiveled to maintain conductor alignment. The gin sheave will not swivel and is pinned stationary keep the plane of the sheave in the vertical position at all times. For use above 15kV, add M4805-7 insulator to each wireholder.

Product Details


Style Boom Mounted Auxiliary Arm
UPC 096359016762


Weight 159.75 lb