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1kV - 80kV AC, Multi-Range Voltage Indicator (MRVI) Tester

by CHANCE Utility 

Catalog ID: PSC4033710

The CHANCE® Multi-Range Voltage Indicator® is a portable tool to confirm that an AC (Alternating Current) high voltage circuit is energized or de-energized prior to performing maintenance.

  • It provides field practicality over the two points of contact measurement method. Readings from the MRVI represent the class of voltage that is present on the line.
  • The MRVI is designed to determine approximate Phase-to-Phase and Phase-to-Ground nominal voltage up to 80 kV AC, 50/60 Hz. This unit is a direct contact electric field intensity indicator.
  • The MRVI is used as a secondary means to confirm the condition of a circuit after principal work procedures such as visible open gaps, dispatcher hold orders, and apparatus tag-outs have rendered the circuit de-energized.

Bluetooth technology. New lightweight design (19.8 oz without batteries) Comes with a storage bag with a snaphook designed to attach to a lineman's belt.

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UPC 096359643418


Weight 1.25 lb


Standard Package 1



CHANCE® Multi-Range Voltage Indicator