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Temporary Cutout Load Break Tool, 8.3/15kV

by CHANCE Utility 

Catalog ID: PSC6010347

CUTOUT,TEMPORARY 15kV POLY LOADBREAK, This tool provides a temporary means of connecting and disconnecting equipment or circuits under load conditions. This tool design does not have a fuse and does not provide protection for fault or overcurrent conditions. Hot parts are identical to Chance Type C cutouts, including the tubular-copper disconnect blade. The tool simply clamps onto primary conductor with a Grip-All clampstick. Brass stud at lower end accepts clamp on temporary tap jumper. An arc-chute-type interrupter gives the tool its excellent loadbreak capability. To interrupt load currents, the device makes use of a stainless-steel auxiliary blade within a Delrin® arc chute. This self-contained loadbreak device operates by a simple disconnect stick. No special or portable tools are required to operate the unit. To break the current, just insert a disconnect stick into the operating ring and rapidly open the device. In the process of opening, the spring-loaded auxiliary blade snaps out through the arc chute to elongate, cool and extinguish the confined arc. This loadbreaking operation is independent of the disconnect stick speed. To provide a clearly visible break, the disconnect blade hangs in approximately a vertical position.

Product Details


EU RoHS Indicator No
Style Load Disconnect
UPC 096359395638


Weight 30.38 lb

Electrical Ratings

Voltage Rating 15000 V

Conductor Related

Conductor Diameter (Main) - Maximum 1.16 in