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Capstan Hoist 3,000 lb. (Hydraulic)

by CHANCE Utility 

Catalog ID: C3081380

CAPSTAN HOIST - 3000LB - HYDRAULIC DRIVE, Improved design features a multiple-planetary drive/backstop-clutch assembled on the center shaft of a steel gear case with full-length internal teeth. This design handles more rugged jobs, extends service life and reduces maintenance. Lightweight yet powerful, these portable hoists move many heavyweight tasks and can get into remote or difficult-access sites. Examples: Setting utility poles, pulling wheeled equipment over obstacles, raising transformers (even over fences in back lots), hoisting heavy insulators, stringing and tensioning conductors, pulling cable (indoors and underground). Operator effort remains low for typical loads simply by adding wraps on the capstan drum. So little effort is required, any crew member can run the hoist. Control is so accurate, loads can be moved fractions of an inch.

  • 4 wraps of rope = 1:44 ratio. That is, 1 lb. pull on Fall Line develops 44 lb. on Load Line. Therefore, 20 lb. of pull develops 880 lb. of lift.
  • Product Details


    Power Supply Hydraulic
    Rope Speed at Rated Load 30' (9 m) per minute
    Strength Rating - Ultimate 3000 lb
    Style 3,000 lb. Hydraulic Hoist
    UPC 096359016052


    Weight 44.0 lb


    Standard Package 1