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1/2" Poly-Dacron Rope

by CHANCE Utility 

Catalog ID: M18963

Poly-Dacron Rope is a three-strand flexible combination of synthetic fibers. Its excellent dielectric properties, and high resistance to mildew, rot and chemical damage make it an excellent handline rope. While the PD can satisfactorily be used on capstans, it should have one or two more wraps than manila: PD works fine in sliding hitches. Although PD offers greater tensile strength than manila, it is recommended that natural fiber rope be replaced with same size synthetic rope for workman handling ease and confidence. Also, a wider cross-section proves better in withstanding accidental transverse cutting or severe spot abrasion. The size-for-size substitution makes it possible to benefit more fully from the strength and economy of synthetic ropes. NOTE: While the fibers are resistant to moisture absorption, water can be trapped between strands as with any braided rope.

Product Details


Material Poly-Dacron
Max Load Lbs. 500 lb
Tensile Strength 4,500 lb
Type Load Lift Assist
UPC 096359043935


Diameter 0.5 in
Length 7200 in
Weight 0.06 lb


Pallet Quantity 10800
Standard Package 600