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Cradle, Insulator 11'4"

by CHANCE Utility 

Catalog ID: C4010015

This Chance Cradle is used for making insulator changes on lines energized up to and including 500 kV. It is used to lower insulator strings on deadend and swinging-corner construction, and to raise the insulators on long suspension units. Heat-treated aluminum castings, durable Epoxiglas®- poles, and steel hardware combine to make the cradle a strong and dependable piece of equipment. The aluminum castings are a weight-saving feature providing ease in handling. The deep "trough" design of the cradle holds the insulator string securely and prevents accidental dropping of the string while the slotted insulator-retaning plate secures the top insulator of the string. The insulator-laden cradle can be raised or lowered for easier insulator changes using a bail attached to a link stick. Hooks are furnished for installing and removing the deadend tool from insulator yokes.

Product Details


EU RoHS Indicator No
Style Trough-Design; for 345 kV to 500 kV
UPC 096359017431


Weight 27 lb