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Grounded Parking Bushing Set, U.R.D. 1/0 Yellow Cable, 25 & 35kV (Small Interface), 4'

by CHANCE Utility 

Catalog ID: T6003092

Set includes a loadbreak bushing and bronze ground clamp T6000466 connected by a 4' yellow 1/0 cable, Tin-plated copper connector joins cable to bushing, Threaded copper ferrul connects the cable to the clamp, Fault current rating for each set: 10,000 amps for 10 cycles per IEEE 386

Product Details


EU RoHS Indicator No
UPC 096359372066


Length 4 ft
Weight 8.1 lb

Electrical Ratings

Fault Current - 10 Cycles 10,000 amps
kV Class 25 kV