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AR116 34.5kV grounded wye, 150kV Polymer, Horizontal AR Switch

By CHANCE Utility 

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By CHANCE Utility
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34.5kV grounded wye, 150kV LIW, 900A, Horizontal Three-Phase Gang Operated Loadbreak Switch.
  • The Type AR switches have a clockwise opening and are operable by torsional or reciprocating controls as well a hookstick operation option (full-length down-the-pole control or crossarm-mounted hook stick-operation control). The hookstick operation minimizes installation time, reduces possible vandalism, eliminates control adjustments.
  • All three phase switches feature a four-link overtoggle mechanism to assure locked closed blades, mechanical advantage for easier open and close operation, and""snap"" feedback to the operator.

Refer to the Catalog Numbering System resource below for each configuration option (Positions 4 to 13).

Product Details


Blade Opening Direction Clockwise
Blade Type Solid Copper (single-member)
Cantilever Bending Strength - Routine 800 Lbs (3.56 kN)
Color - Insulator Dark Gray
Contact Silver
Description - Replacement Interupter C818-0001
Insulator Type Polymer (2 1/4" Bolt Circle)
Material - Interphase Shaft Fiberglass
Tension Range 5000 lb
Torsional Strength 3,000 in Lbs (339 N-M)

Electrical Ratings

Arc Distance - Dry 10" (254mm)
BIL 150 kV
Creep and Leakage Distance 28.2" (716.3mm)
Current - Under Loop Switching 600 A
Current - Under Magnetizing Switching 2,500 KVA
Current Overload - 8hr Emergency 1080 A
Current Rating 900 A
Current Rating - Cable (Shielded) 20 A
Current Rating - Cable (Unshielded) 10 A
Dead-Ending Rating - Unequal Load 700 Lbs
Dead-Ending Rating - Working Load 8,000 Lbs
Depth - Ice Break 3/4"
Fault Current - 1 Time 25kA, asymmetrical
Fault Current - 3 Times 20kA, asymmetrical
Interrupt Rating - 600 A 20 Operations
Interrupt Rating - 900 A 10 Operations
Reference Voltage Limit - Minimum 34.5kV grounded wye
Temperature Rise - Max. at 600A 30.9°C
Temperature Rise - Max. at 900A 47.5°C
Voltage - Maximum 38 kV
Withstand Current - Short Time (3 sec) 25kA, symmetrical
Withstand Voltage 65kA peak

Certifications and Compliance

Industry Standard(s) All Applicable ANSI/IEEE Standards


Standard Package 1

Resources and Downloads


Hubbell Power Systems In Depth: Distribution Automation Capabilities (VI10153E0619)