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1 Way Phase Over Phase Side Break Switch, Copper (TU-1CD)

By Turner Electric 
By Turner Electric
The TU-1CD switch employ a specially designed, light weight frame which eliminates the need for pole cross arms or braces.
  • Through line mounting
  • Copper hot part design
  • Full Load applications

Product Details


Application The TU-1CD's versatile design makes them ideal for phase over phase, or phase opposite phase, on frames that are suitable for mounting on wood, steel, concrete, or laminated wood poles.
Material Copper
Type Side Break

Electrical Ratings

Current Rating
  • 600 A
  • 1200 A
  • 2000 A
Voltage Rating
  • 38 kV
  • 48.3 kV
  • 72.5 kV
  • 123 kV
  • 145 kV
  • 170 kV

Resources and Downloads




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