FlexMO Solid State Motor Operator


Turner Electric

The Turner Solid State Motor Operator (FlexMO) elevates motor operation of high voltage switches to the next level. The FlexMO uses state of the art motor control with the widest range of capabilities found in any operator on the market today. Designed with the ability to produce up to 20,000 in-lbs. operating torque and operate 90° in 0.5 seconds, the FlexMO is the perfect stock motor for Transmission, Substation, or Distribution switch applications.

  • The integrated position sensor gives real time updates of the exact vertical operating pipe (VOP) position and provides quick and easy set up of the open and close set points.
  • The FlexMO offers speed variability control, even during switch operation.
  • The FlexMO can be adjusted to eliminate any switch momentum at the end of the opening/closing cycle, reducing blade oscillations.
  • With the increasing demand for SCADA ready units, the FlexMO is designed for easy connection. A plug connects your communication device with the standardized controller.

The FlexMO is a completely self-contained electric motor-driven switch operator. With the flexibility to operate switches size from l5kV to 765kV, even switches that require 2 speed closing.

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Adaptable to substation, transmission, and distribution switches

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